Where Does Your Coffee Come From? Issue 39 Coffee Lovers Magazine

Issue 39 – Where Does Your Coffee Come From?

by Joseph Robertson | Issues

Issue 39

Where Does Your Coffee Come From?

Coffee Lovers Magazine - Where Does Your Coffee come From?
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Ah the origins of coffee. So mythical if you haven't taken that journey yet in your exploration of coffee. Ethiopia, El Salvador, Colombia – everyone loves their Colombian coffee. Understanding where you coffee comes from is one of the first steps to enjoying better coffee in your life Featuring:
  • The Journey of Pitsy the Coffee Seed (Pit)
  • Coffee from Seed to Cup
  • Where does My Coffee Come From? A Map of origins
Also in this Issue:
  • The coffee comics continue!
  • Indulge in Indonesian Coffee
  • A Cup of Joe – my new video blog – Easy Cold Brew with a French Press
  • My Coffee Crush – Featuring Water Avenue
  • How to Choose Your Brew Method based on Coffee Origin
  • This Month in Coffee
  • Special Letter from the Editor
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seed to cup - the story of coffee

The Story of Coffee - Pitsy's Journey from Seed to Cup

Learn all about the path that coffee takes from the first seed all the way to your coffee cup.  It's Pitsy's Journey – the story of coffee!

Reader Questions

Ever find that the coffee you are enjoying is just a bit too bitter? There are a number of possible explanations – in this month's ‘Readers Questions' article, we explore what you can do to make your coffee less bitter.
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