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My name is Joseph Robertson,

I own and publish Extracted Magazine, which is all about the craft of coffee. I am on a mission to see 1 million people enjoy the craft of coffee as much as I do, so we can transform the world and the people who make coffee possible.

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Which of These 5 Coffee Brewing Mistakes are YOU Making?

Based on the information you’ve shared and the little I know about you and your situation, your mistake is to at best brew “ok”

And at worst be completely unable to taste the best flavors of your coffee, because you aren’t aware of what’s known as your “water structure.”

“Unknown Water Structure”

Now, here’s what that means …

First, I can tell you pay a lot of attention to the craft of your coffee. 

You buy fresh coffee, you grind it fresh, you measure it out properly. These are some of the core fundamentals of brewing great coffee.

There’s one more fundamental, which most people ignore, and in my expeirence even many who get into the craft of coffee ignore it because at first it sounds absurd …

I’m talking about the structure of your water.

Not only does a brewed cup of coffee end up being 98.5% water, but all of those delicious coffee tastes and aromas which we are able to extract during the brew …

Are done so not because of the H20, but because of the mineral balance which is in your water.

That’s water’s structure.

The water you use to brew is easily the most critical component to brewing. 

It doesn’t matter how well you measure, how fresh your coffee is, the quality from origin, how well you grind it, if your water can’t extract the right balance of taste and aroma compounds from that coffee.

The simple solution is to either filter your water, or get some plain bottled spring water. 

That seems simple enough doesn’t it?

I know you will be astonished what the right structure of water can do for your coffee brew.

But, getting this last fundamental down is really only the beginning of your journey.

Once you add “well structured water” to your fundamentals, you’ll FINALLY be in a place where you can properly brew any coffee with any method.

But now, you are again at the beginning of your journey. 

Mastering the core fundamentals means all the doors are open, but you still need a path to follow forward.

The world of craft specialty coffee doesn’t end with brewing coffee well at home, this is merely just THE BEGINNING.

It wasn’t until I discovered what great coffee can actually taste like, that I found an entire world hidden behind every coffee cup I’ve had. 

A world filled with wild crazy dedicated and enthusiastic people who are driven by a powerful connection to what is legendarily known from the world’s original coffee merchants in Yemen as “The Wine of the Bean.”

I’m telling you this because I want you to understand that now, you are merely at the opening of a door. 

It’s up to you to step through that door and pursue, explore, and discover all that there is in the world of craft coffee.

How many different origins have you experienced? 

How many different varieties? 

What about the same varieties from different origins? 

What about brewed on a Kalita Wave, a Chemex, as Espresso, in an Aeropress, or a dozen different other possibilities?

Do you know what sort of coffee is the best coffee for you, based on your own taste profile?

Natural or washed? 

Do you prefer coffee brewed at 18:1 or 16:1? 

Do you prefer more concentrated forms which are then diluted? 

Do you most appreciate the intricate flavors which are coaxed out and nuanced through the addition of small amounts of properly steamed milk?

I can go on and on. 

There’s a million different aspects to craft specialty coffee, and enthusiasm for coffee, coffee connoisseurship, these go far beyond just brewing coffee well.

So you might be thinking no “fine, well what steps do I take them to move forward with my enjoyment of coffee?” You might even be wondering “how do I really become a coffee connoisseur?”

The thing about coffee which you don’t realize until you’re deep into it …

Is that coffee is SO complex, and involves so many people. In order to enjoy it on an every day basis like I do, and other professionals do, you have to have: 

– A connection to the specialty coffee community
– An understanding of how to brew coffee well no matter what it is or how you’re brewing it
– Knowledge of what GOOD coffee actually is, and how to find it
– An understanding of your OWN taste profile, why you enjoy certain coffees over others, and how to use that information to help you consistently find the best coffee for YOU
– The knowledge, experience, and ability to SHARE your understanding with others, and bring them along the ride with you (because honestly, coffee is not a solo pursuit, it’s about people)

These are the very reasons I started the Extracted community, after spending half my life thinking coffee was a disgusting bitter brown water, and the “enjoyment” of it was about getting used to something you didn’t actually like the taste of.

Then one day an enthusiastic barista showed me how coffee doesn’t have to be like that.  Through this random experience I discovered an entire world I never knew existed, and was initiated into one of the greatest crafted experiences humanity has ever created. 

I left that experience wondering aloud to myself “WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME THIS BEFORE?”

So I spent the next 8 years building Extracted and helping other people become initiated just like I did.

In this time I’ve taken a whole world of experts knowledge and distilled it down into a comprehensive deep dive on the world and craft of coffee. Whether you want to just make the best darn cup of coffee of anyone you know every day, or you want to go deep into the world of coffee connoisseurship, 

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