Voila – Specialty Instant Coffee Review

Did you ever think that instant coffee could be good? 

Instant coffee tends to be thought of as bottom of the barrel. It’s the kind of coffee you go for when you have no other option – when you need something immediately, and the only thing you have at your disposal is a cup and hot water.

In the past I’ve described my experiences with instant coffee in terms of being “not that bad” at best. It’s been these times when indeed my only option was instant coffee, and I really needed/wanted a kick. 

But what if your instant coffee experience could not only be “not that bad,” but could actually be pretty good?

Introduce, Specialty Instant Coffee. In short, this is instant coffee made with high quality specialty grade coffee, using the highest quality instant coffee production and storage.

There are a few companies producing Specialty grade Instant Coffee now – in this feature, I’m going to share with you Voila, but you can also find similar products from Sudden Coffee and Swift Cup.

Above you can enjoy my personal review of Voila on Coffee Lovers TV – Jesse and I also talked about Voila on Coffee Lovers Radio:

I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying Voila for a bit now, trying it out in a variety of situations. 

It is quite an odd experience, drinking high quality coffee in this “instant” format. On one hand, its the best quality/tasting instant coffee that I’ve ever had. On the other, it still has drawbacks in the fact that it’s instant coffee, so all the quality of the original roast is not there.

No matter how good you are at making instant coffee, you can’t get around the extreme volatile nature of coffee.

We often talk about how critical freshness is to enjoying all the best possible aromas and tastes of coffee. Specialty grade coffee is the highest quality, when handled well, roasted well, and brewed well, you end up with a seemingly infinite delight of aromas and tastes.

That experience is what obsesses us all about coffee.

It’s why standard everyday grade coffee you might find in a grocery store, or chain fast food / cafe, ends up being a disappointment.  It’s why the typical instant coffee is so decried that it takes the role of “if there’s no other option.”

And that is why there are these companies trying to capture the magic of well made specialty coffee in instant format. Because no matter what you do, there’s always going to be a time and place where the ease of simply opening a packet and dumping in water is going to take precidence over quality.

So why not try to combine the two?

Thus far, I’ve found Voila to be pretty good. I’m not sure instant coffee can actually get that much better. My challenge in describing these kinds of experiences is because most of the time, I have at my disposal the ability (and desire/time) to brew an amazing cup of coffee using traditional methods, and high quality well sourced locally roasted coffee.

But when I’m traveling, I don’t always have those resources. So it’s those times, when I find myself thankful that I can have a few “cups” of actually pretty good coffee available in my bag, where all I need is a cup and some hot water.

Why not check them out for yourself?

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