The Visual Storytelling of Coffee

One of my challenges with this project is visual storytelling of coffee. We live in a fascinating time in life, where everything we have and do is at our fingertips, it's on our time. When you spend just a few minutes watching what I do, that is something I greatly respect, because its a few minutes you aren't doing any number of other things.

I strive to make what I do bring enough value in the form of entertainment and knowledge that it is worthy of your time and energy to not only watch and enjoy, but also engage and comment, etc.

And so the challenge to me is to take something as conceivably simple as coffee, which I know to be far more complex and fascinating than most realize, and show you the amazing nature of that coffee through short but engaging and entertaining visual storytelling of coffee.

Its going to take me some time to figure out the visual style that fits me best. I like producing well made polished works – but I also like a bit of roughness in things like video. After all I'm not just showing you something cool, but I'm trying to bring you a bit into my world, and into the world of coffee. That world is real, it's gritty, its full of people driven by passion and hooked for life.  I feel like these videos should be engaging with quick energy and interesting visual components that tell more than I can with words, so that you can just ride through the experience, picking up on ideas and concepts, learning points here and there, and coming to this understanding of ‘yea, I want to experience that.'

I think that's the experience that most people in coffee live for – the one where you say ‘wow that's cool, I didn't realize it could be like that, I want more.'

Let me know what you think in the comments! Or just say hey 😀