The Path of the Connoisseur (1 of 3)

300 years ago, Coffee was in danger…

Did you know…

300 years ago, coffee was in danger?

In fact, it was hated by those in power.

So much so, that kings tried to make coffee illegal, under penalty of death.

This is just one of the rare facts about coffee which most people don't know,

But which coffee connoisseurs like I do.

Becoming a coffee connoisseur is about knowledge, appreciation, and mastery.

This is exactly what Extracted Magazine is all about,

I made this community for people just like yourself…

To expand your coffee knowledge and give you the tools for appreciation and mastery.

This is why I think the best tool for you to get on your journey to coffee connoisseurship,

Is a subscription to Extracted Magazine.

Each issue is filled with enjoyable fascinating guides, stories, walkthroughs, coffee and equipment reviews, and more, all geared to build your understanding and enjoyment of coffee.

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