The Craft of Espresso - Coffee Lovers Magazine Issue 38

Issue 38 – The Craft of Espresso

by Joseph Robertson | Issues

Issue 38

The Craft of Espresso

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Espresso is the iconic coffee drink – and yet most people do not have a clear understanding of what it really is, why it is made, how it is made, and what you can actually get out of your coffee with this method. Featuring:
  • The Craft of Espresso – everything you need to know about espresso.
  • The Nomad Espresso Machine: a review of a machine anyone can make great espresso with
Also in this Issue:
  • The coffee comics continue!
  • explore coffee in Nepal
  • A Cup of Joe – my new video blog – How to Drink Espresso
  • Coffee of the Month – espresso vs brew
  • Interactive Coffee Photography
  • Reader's Questions – What are all the espresso drinks?
  • This Month in Coffee – New take on Takeaways
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The Craft of Espresso

There are many ways to enjoy coffee – but none are quite like this. Discover what it's all about in this issue…

The Nomad

While espresso can be magic in a cup, it's really challenging to make it consistent and with high quality, especially when you haven't had training, and/or you don't have the right equipment. With the Nomad machine, anyone can make a truly high quality cup with zero knowledge – and I show you how…