The Many Faces of the Cappuccino - Issue 51 Coffee Lovers Magazine

The Many Faces of the Cappuccino – Issue 51

by Joseph Robertson | Issues

Pour Over Showcase - Coffee Lovers Magazine Issue 47

Issue 51

The Many Faces of the Cappuccino

There are many ways to brew coffee, but some of the most popular among enthusiasts and casual home brewers alike are pour-over coffee methods. They are simple – requiring the brewer, coffee, and a disposable paper filter. The challenge then is to decide, which do you choose? Find out what makes the top three pour over methods so unique. Featuring: – Pour Over Coffee Showcase Also in this Issue: – Some Kind of Blue: Coffee in Jamaica – Kalita Wave Quick Tips – A Crema Coffee Sampler – My Coffee Crush – Water Avenue – Readers Questions: How Do I Make Better Coffee at Home? – Return of the coffee comics! – Coffee Lovers Radio: Intricacies of ordering Espresso – This Month in Coffee – Special Letter from the Editor