Coffee Lovers TV – Episode 001 – Campos Coffee Kenya

I've had this idea called ‘Coffee Lovers TV' for quite some time. A show where I could continue my mission that I started with the magazine, to connect you with amazing people and coffee, show you some delightful wonders of the world, and perhaps even open the door to your own moment of eureka.

It took me some time to figure out what form that would take.

Not too long ago, I decided to just start making a show anyways. That has been a Cup of Joe – originally started as an in-mag segment where I made personal videos showing you tips/tricks with coffee, it then morphed into the weekly show I put together where I share a bit of myself and what I'm doing. In many ways it's a ‘behind the scenes' show for the magazine and much of my life.

I mentioned on the first Cup of Joe that I would probably at some point do coffee reviews or something like that – because after all, the one thing we are all absolutely interested in is the coffee itself. However, I did not want to simply do a coffee review show. I always have found coffee reviews to be too disconnected from the real coffee drinker's experience. Coffee is more than the drink itself, yet it's in that experience with the drink that we discover great things.

I came to the realization – one that I've come to in the past with other concepts – that it's within that experience where we find the magic. Coffee is all about story – both big and small. Coffee Lovers TV is my way to connect with you, and connect you with parts of the world and realities which you may never otherwise realize, all while sharing fun and interesting facts about coffee, and giving you an insight into how this wonderful drink can be perceived.

In essence, I want to take what many see as this ‘coffee snobbery' and show you just how awesome these experience and the people behind them are – regardless of your level of experience.

I would love to hear what you think about this format, if you have any questions, and what you would like┬áto learn – just comment below…