Cup of Joe 9-26-16 – In Which a Cold is Mean to Me

On the show this week – catching up on the previous week's leftover activities in the wake of a cold.

I mostly just share, in this episode, quite a bit of what's going on – some of the new content that I have put out, and what will be coming. I also go a little bit into thought on what I want to do with the new ‘coffee showcase' series (though I'm still not quite sure what to call it).

I reckon that sometimes i'll take the opportunity to ponder on various topics in these episodes, and sometimes I won't. Given that my mind was still a bit fuzzy from the cold this weekend, I don't think I had much to delve into idea wise.

I mention on this show some of my social media – so here is everywhere you can find me:

Facebook –

Twitter –

Google+ –

Instagram –

Snapchat –

You might detect a theme there.

You can also find me on at coffeeloversmag – starting to experiment with some fun stuff there.

I'm doing daily stories on Instagram and Snapchat – just havin fun. I've started a new ‘Daily Coffee Tips' that I'll put up every day on Snapchat and Instagram (doubling up on some of that stuff for now – though I suspect Instagram will eventually get more to coffee specific stories, and snapchat will end up being me personally).

Lots more content coming this week, as well as the new issue (Apple is finally getting around to the app update for the iOS 10 fix).