Cup of Joe 9-19-16 – On My Value and Intent

I've been taking the opportunity with Cup of Joe to do some ponderings out in the open. A good portion of my time is definitely creating content – writing, recording audio for the podcast, video for the show, meeting people in coffee and creating interviews/stories, etc – but in order to build the structure for the content as a whole, and the individual pieces, I think quite a bit about meaning.

Much of that involves talking with people like yourself. There's nothing quite like just talking with people about coffee and life (especially over a cup of coffee). It is fascinating to see and gain an understanding of how broad everyone's interest in coffee is, but how uniquely specific each individual's interest is as well. We all love coffee, but we certainly do so in different ways. My personal goal with coffee has always centered around opening up that eureka moment for you – the moment when you realize just what coffee can be, which forever alters your perception and pulls you into wonderland.

In a much more real way though, my goals center around building connection and value in your life. Just take this simple picture…

You start your day with a brand of coffee that you don't know much about, other than it's what you and many others drink. You put it through your auto brewer, and then add milk and sugar to bring it up to the taste that you find enjoyable.

You love that part of your day – and no individual aspect of this is bad.

But now picture this.

You start your day with a very specific roaster's coffee, from a specific or multiple farms – wherever it's from, you actually have an idea. You might even be able to put a face to the farmer that grew the coffee you are enjoying. You may know the person who is responsible for bringing it to your area of the world, and you may know the person who roasted it. You brew up the coffee and enjoy it however you like – but in this cup, in this start of your day – you are beginning with a foundation of connection to the rest of the world and your community far deeper and more meaningful than you could any other way.

Not only do you love that part of your day, and your coffee, but you have a much stronger and more meaningful emotional connection with the entire experience. You couldn't possibly build the foundation of your day on a more positive social and emotional setting.

Which of those two sounds like the way you want to live life?

Just some of the things I'm thinking about… anyway's here's this week's Cup of Joe.

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