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Candied Mangoes – Temple Coffee Roasters Panama Morgan Estate Geisha

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen down at CoffeeCon LA, end of February, I was fortunate to run across Temple Coffee Roasters. At the end of the show, one of their baristas working the event tossed me a bag of their Panama Morgan Estate Geisha. How exciting! Geisha is one of those varieties of coffee that is tremendously lauded. It has an air of rarity and delicateness and usually comes with a higher price tag.

These days Geisha is frequently sourced from Panama, it originally was discovered near the town of Gesha in Ethiopia.

In my experience, they are often delicate and floral, but showcasing a range of wonderful sweet floral/fruit/herbal aromas and tastes.

One of my top favorite coffees of all time was a Geisha which I prepared as an Aeropress on ice (and the best description I could come up with was ‘Ambrosia of the Gods,’ which is hardly helpful to you, but I was in another dimension enjoying that cup).

Anyhow, this one by Temple Coffee Roasters does indeed showcase smooth delicate enjoyable sweetness. One of the things I liked most about this coffee is how it changed as it cooled. Each time a new layer was uncovered, the previous would disappear or shift. It was like discovering an entirely new cup every few sips. Perhaps this is one of the dominant traits of this sort of coffee – so well grown, processed, roasted, and prepared that it has such a layer of flavors and aromas you’ll constantly discover new complexity.

That’s fun.

You can check out more of Temple at their site here: https://templecoffee.com/

Unfortunately, the coffee I enjoyed on the show is not available anymore (such is the life of ‘rare’-ish coffees). But they do appear to have a fantastic selection of coffees which look delicious.  I am personally particularly drawn to their description of this Costa Rica – http://store.templecoffee.com/coffees/costa-rica-francisca-chacon-golden-honey.html – and their Guatemalan coffees sound quite enticing as well.