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How The Water You Brew With Will Make or Break Your Coffee… can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Good Water is Key to Brewing Good Coffee – Coffee Lovers TV Episode 013 ( Watch this episode above, or listen to it on Coffee Lovers Radio Water plays a big role in the brewing of your coffee. As someone interested in …

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Coffee Lovers TV Episode 002 – Conduit Kenya Coffee

On the first episode of my Coffee Lovers TV showcase (featuring a Kenyan coffee by Campos), I said it would be pretty neat to do a side by side of one coffee roasted by two different roasters.

Then, after recording the show on the Kenya from the Nyeri region, I started running into other Nyeri Kenyas – this isn't that surprising, though, for a couple reasons. First, Nyeri is the largest producing region in Kenya, and second coffee is a seasonal crop. When the coffee is ready for exporting – especially when it's quality – that particular coffee will be purchased by many different roasters, and since the good coffee is usually roasted right after they get it, many of these roasters have similar coffees going at the same time.

Anyhow – I ran across this Kenya roasted by Conduit Coffee. It's also from the Nyeri region┬ábut comes from the Thiriku cooperative (a group of ~1900 active farmers). This particular coffee exhibited more classic Kenya aromas (savory, in particular, that of tomatoes) – though my taste experience was a bit different.

I won't be making an effort to stick in one region moving forward, I just thought it would be fun to follow the first show with something similar so that I could demonstrate how wildly different similar coffees can be.

The next show I'll be showing off a Colombia by Anchorhead – which is leading us into another dynamic I'll need to figure out. It's likely that I'll run into a lot of lightly roasted coffees – especially towards the beginning of the show. These lighter roasted coffees are going to more clearly demonstrate a lot of distinct flavors of the origins of the coffee, and that's quite a bit of fun to show off to y'all.

However I would also like to make sure I bring in a range of roasts, medium to dark, so that i can give you a full picture of the world of coffee. This will be especially exciting as I find good quality dark and medium roasts, as I think these coffees are often the most impressive.

I love hearing from you so please comment below (or on Youtube) and we can really make this show something you love and look forward to!