Special Magazine Offer

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A Special Deal for Coffee Lovers Magazine

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Get 6 Months of Coffee Lovers Magazine on your iOS or Android device, for only $10

The perfect way to continue your exploration in the world of coffee

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BONUS: Get FREE Lifetime Coffee Lovers VIP membership access with this deal!

This includes 10% off on all our coffee, all our gear, and all our merchandise just for

being a reader.

*10% discount applies to all coffee, all merchandise, all coffee equipment – discount only applies to the first month of the Coffee Lovers Box subscription and may not apply to future special promotions.

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A Unique Offer for A Unique Experience

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Coffee Lovers Magazine has been publishing for over 4 years – bringing stories, interviews, how-to's, and articles all about coffee ranging from how to get started brewing better at home, all the way to in-depth looks at the people and processes that go into farming coffee and bringing it all the way to your cup.
This year, the fifth year of the magazine, brings even more – diving deep into the lives of well-known people in and out of the coffee industry, exploring the nature of coffee as it weaves its way throughout the cultures of the world.

We are also bringing to you unique experiences in coffee you won't find anywhere else – like The Coffee Explorer Kit, which is my ultimate answer to the question ‘what coffee should I get?'

Get 6 months of the magazine today – no subscription, no commitment – you get to enjoy the magazine for the next 6 months (including all previous special issues, marked ‘Private,' and any private subscriber only issues we publish while you are with us).