Top Social Shares – Week Sept 14

You may have noticed that aside from the coffee magazine, the coffee podcast, and now this coffee blog, we also have sizeable presences on the various social platforms – twitter, facebook, instagram, pinterest, and google+ (soon also tumblr, and we will see from there).

There are lots of fantastic coffee related stories, and helpful articles out there. We do our best to share those via social media, and will also be bringing some of that to the blog. Twitter in particular is a platform where we share great extra reading on coffee – news and such. We also get some of that on the Facebook.

In an effort to support the social platforms, and the articles that I know we find interesting, I wanted to create a weekly post here summarizing some of the more popular social posts. I may look to post this sort of thing on Friday, or perhaps Sunday – reflecting on the previous week and it's top stories.

So enjoy the top stories we shared on social media over the past week (and if you aren't already, follow us there!):


Embedding the facebook posts was breaking the site – so for now, i'll simply link these until I find a better solution.