The Many Languages of the Aeropress - Issue 72 - Extracted Magazine
The Aeropress and It's Many Languages - Extracted Magazine Issue 72

Issue 72

The Aeropress and It's Many Languages

The Aeropress is one of the most unique and versatile brewing methods. But what makes the Aeropress so great is not the coffee it makes, but the kind of coffee drinker it makes you. Explore and master The Aeropress in this issue.

– The Aeropress and it's Many Languages

Also in this Issue:
– Videos: Aeropress Champions
– Paris Became One Vast Cafe – Chapter 4 Part 4
– Video: Upgrade Your French Press
– Coffee Lovers Radio: Intrigue Chocolates – a Tribute
– Hot Spot for a Coffee Adventure: Miami Roasters
– This Month in Coffee
– Special Letter from the Editor – The Brewer Makes You