Redefining Coffee Trade - Issue 62 - Extracted Magazine
Redefining Coffee Trade - Issue 62 Extracted Magazine

Issue 62

Redefining Coffee Trade

You're probably familiar with the terms Fair Trade and Direct Trade…but how do the coffee farmers really benefit? In this issue, we follow along with a student-built coffee company, which is attempting to solve the critical sustainable financial challenges of coffee farmers around the world.

– MotMot Coffee Part 1: Where Does Your Coffee Dollar Go?

Also in this Issue:
– Video: Exploring the Breville Barista Touch
– The Soul, The Sword, and the Guest – Part 2
– Reader's Questions: How to Quickly Improve Your Brew
– Video: Brew-A-Long w/ Joseph – Cup of Joe
– Coffee Lovers Radio: 100 Episodes of Coffee
– This Month in Coffee
– Special Letter from the Editor
– New Name and Brand! Coffee Lovers Magazine is now Extracted Magazine