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Issue 31 – Rex Tseng and acaia

Coffee Magazine - acaia - Rex Tseng

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Issue 31 – Rex Tseng and the acaia coffee scale

The acaia scale has been storming across the coffee industry – as the most beautiful, accurate, and easy to use coffee scale, it is no surprise.

In this issue we sit down with the owner and creator, Rex Tseng, as he shares with us his story of growth in coffee, and his views on coffee being an expression of one's lifestyle.

Also in this issue:
– Sillvia – A portrait of Ninety Plus Coffee
– A brief history of Coffee in Britain
– Video: Getting the Right Coffee Grind Size
– Corner of the Cafe – a Coffee Review
– Coffees of the Month – featuring Campos
– Sumatra Part 3 – Finishing the Series
– How to Make the Best Iced Coffee
– NEW!!! Answering Reader's Questions – Best Way to Cold Brew
– NEW!!! Takeaways – Get the most out of this issue, and take action on having better coffee, and living life to the fullest

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Posted on

July 3, 2015