Dave Asprey - Coffee Lovers Magazine #28
Dave Asprey Interview - Bulletproof Coffee=====================================
Issue 28 – Dave Asprey and Bulletproof Coffee

In this issue, we visit with Dave Asprey – creator of Bulletproof Coffee – and share his story and journey from canned pre-ground robusta to pioneering an entire lifestyle around coffee and producing his own.

Also in this issue:
– a portrait of Lycello, a Ninety Plus Coffee
– The truth behind Caffeine in your coffee. Does Light Roast really have more caffeine in it? Find out…
– Syphon Coffee with Intelligentsia – a video
– Review of an Indonesian Sulawesi Coffee. A unique experience
– A look in New York Coffee History. The Anthora. A monument to an entire culture's influence on coffee.
– Interview with Beanbox, a new and exciting coffee subscription company tackling the experience in an entirely new way
– news and more

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