Finding Happiness Through Coffee and Cycling - A Tale of Ventoux…

Issue 43

Finding Happiness Through Coffee and Cycling

Coffee and Cycling - Issue 43 - Coffee Magazine

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Coffee and Cycling are like best buds. If you travel around the world – especially to more populated urban centers where cycling is popular – you will find an undeniable bond between the two. It is such that Cyclists often seem to view coffee as their own special little thing – in many respects they aren't wrong. In this issue we discover the story of one man who, through the creation and sharing of a coffee and cycling culture, has rediscovered his own happiness.

– Ventoux: Finding Happiness Through Coffee and Cycling
– #CoffeeOutside – a video experience

Also in this Issue:
– How To: V60
– The new Cup of Joe
– My Coffee Crush – Hacienda Sonora
– Cafe Culture on Coffee Lovers Radio
– A Look at The Travel Espo Press
– This Month in Coffee
– Special Letter from the Editor

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