Building Yemen's Future with Coffee - Issue 60 - Extracted Magazine
Building Yemen's Future with Coffee - Issue 60 Coffee Lovers Magazine

Issue 60

Building Yemen's Future with Coffee

Yemen's coffee is some of the most delicious and beautiful in the world. While they are considered the origin of coffee commerce, today they struggle. Port of Mokha has been building a revival of not just Yemen coffee, but it's people and society. In this issue, I interview Port of Mokha founder, Mokhtar Alkhanshali. We recall the beginnings of his journey and talk about the future.

– Intro: Bringing it all Together: Yemen
– Building the Future of Yemen with Coffee

Also in this Issue:
– Videos (multiple): Tastes of Yemen
– Lucy, I'm Home Part 6 (Final)
– Pro Tips: Learning from the Pros
– Coffee Lovers Radio (multiple): Our experiences with Yemen coffee through the years
– This Month in Coffee
– Special Letter from the Editor