Pairing Coffee And Chocolate - Featuring Intrigue Chocolates

Issue 40 – Coffee and Chocolate are Perfection

by Joseph Robertson | Issues

Issue 40

Coffee + Chocolate = Perfection

Pairing Coffee and Chocolate with Intrigue Chocolates - Seattle - Coffee Magazine
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Coffee and chocolate – the perfect pairing. I think we all know that these two things go together incredibly well, but it wasn't until recently that we understood just why. Join us this month as we explore the pairing of coffee and chocolate – you can get quite fancy with this, or as casual as you like. This is all about the journey. Featuring: – The Pairing of Coffee and Chocolate, with Intrigue Chocolates in Seattle – Cocoa Coffee Cold Brew, with Intrigue Chocolates in Seattle Also in this Issue: – The coffee comics continue! – An exploration of cafes in Ubud, Bali – A Cup of Joe – Why you need to brew by weight – My Coffee Crush – Morning Routines – Showcasing the Simpli Press – a better french press – This Month in Coffee – Special Letter from the Editor NEW: Know Your Coffee Type? Check out the Features made just for you!
Pairing Coffee and Chocolate Featuring Intrigue Chocolates in Seattle, WA

Pairing Coffee and Chocolate, Through Exploration, Discovery, and Intrigue

How chocolate truffles interact with your taste buds is pure magic. Why that reaction happens is pure science. In the name of research, I spent an afternoon at Intrigue Chocolate Co. with Aaron Barthel, owner and chocolatier. Our mission was to find out why coffee and chocolate go so well together; we suffered through sample after sample of melt-in-your mouth truffles while sipping on fresh coffee.

Cocoa Coffee Cold Brew

Incomprehensibly smooth for a coffee drink; it’s almost thickly smooth, like melted chocolate – and that’s all thanks to the cocoa of course. Then there’s the flavor. Every sip I almost think I’m drinking milk chocolate, but there is more clarity in the taste, and I can recognize all the parts of the coffee – enough so that I can also then recognize all the parts of the cocoa. It’s smooth, rich, yet light and refreshing. This is the PERFECT summer drink. It’s like the brilliant opposite of the winter hot cocoa.
Cocoa Coffee Cold Brew - Featuring Intrigue Chocolate Co.