New Beginnings – Cup of Joe – 1-1-19

For whatever reason, I stopped publishing Cup of Joe on the magazine website. I stopped doing quite a bit with the magazine website – choosing to focus on growth with the business through completely different avenues (not concerned with SEO or content that goes on the site blog).

As I've had time to reflect, I've discovered a good use for this platform. A place for me to be in touch with you, who is hopefully a magazine reader. A place for me to provide introductions into the magazine, the youtube, the podcast, etc. A place where I can share and catalogue.

I mention on this episode that one of my new years resolutions is to publish one of these videos every week. Whether it's well made, or I have to throw it together on my phone a the last minute…I will be here.

Fortunately I have a solid list of ideas, theories, challenges, etc, which I want to talk about – so getting the ball rolling shouldn't be too hard.

For now, enjoy this new episode of Cup of Joe – more to come.