Issue 9 – August

Coffee Lovers Magazine Issue 9 Cover

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-New Column. My current favorite tools, brew methods, and roasts. Great recommendations!
-Some great videos – learn all about different Coffee Varieties, and bust some Coffee Myths.
-Ever want to try out Chemex? Here's a great step-by-step guide.

In this month’s issue, I started a couple new ‘columns’ that I hope will be interesting and that I’ll include in each month.

The first is – ‘What I am Currently Enjoying’ – in this article I share my current favorite brew method and my current favorite roasts.  I can see this going forward being a suggestions of coffee roasts (based on my favorites, and one’s I am interested in) – after all I’m not going to change my brew method every month.

The second is “This Month in Coffee” – which is a curation of interesting news/stories in the coffee industry. These are articles on other sites, not in the magazine, but which you can get to and read through the magazine.