Issue 71 – She’s the Roaster

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Women in Coffee: Why It Matter's She's the Roasters was contributed by Coffee Review – read reviews of all the coffee featured in the article on Coffee Review.

Paris Became One Vast Cafe – Part 3 – has been excerpted from Black as Hell, Strong as Death, and Sweet as Love: A Personal Guide to the World's Best Coffee Experiences Copyright © 2019 by Steven P. Unger and Ruthie Santistevan, currently in prepublication.

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Article Links: Why it Matters She's the Roaster

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Becoming a Coffee Connoisseur

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Coffee Lovers Radio – Not Your Typical Coffee Species

CLR-E134: Choosing The Right Coffee

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The Acaia Scale

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Monthly Coffee Chronicles

The Staggering Impact of Falling Coffee Prices

Global coffee prices have been in a notable decline for a few years now. Having reached their lowest point ever, coffee is in dire straits.


The Migration Problem is a Coffee Problem

This article takes an in-depth look on the effect that falling coffee prices has on migration.


What Coffee Looks Like Around the World

This fun little article gives you a look into what different coffee rituals and drinks look like around the world.


Why This Coffee Costs $75

In light of our Reader’s Questions article this month, this story takes a look at one of the most expensive coffees ever to be sold.


Blitar Coffee Factory Welcomes Harvest with ‘Manten Kopi’ Ritual

Take a look into this Indonesian coffee producing culture – they perform this ritual at the start of every harvest.