How to Drink Espresso - Coffee Lovers Magazine Issue 45

Issue 45 – How to Drink Espresso

by Joseph Robertson | Issues

Issue 45

How to Drink Espresso

How to drink Espresso - Coffee Magazine
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Espresso is iconic in the coffee world – everyone has heard the term. But just as there are many different tastes in coffee, there are many different expectations of what Espresso is and how to enjoy it. Think Espresso is just a concentrated coffee? Think you should drink it super fast, like a ‘shot' of coffee? Think again. I want to teach you to savor and love this wonderful drink. Featuring: – How to Drink Espresso Also in this Issue: – How To: Chemex – Make Your Own Peppermint Mocha – Making Coffee on the Train – My Coffee Crush – Kenyan Lazarus – Winterlake Holiday Blend on Coffee Lovers Radio – Recipe: Two Cookies that go perfect with coffee – This Month in Coffee – Special Letter from the Editor
Recipe - Cookies with Coffee

Recipe: A Duo of Cookies w/ Coffee

Enjoy these two recipes for cookies that go well with coffee. Cherry pistachio chews, and dark chocolate oatmeal

Kenyan Lazarus

I did something this week i've never done before. I drank stale coffee on purpose…
Can Stale Coffee be Good?