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Issue 41 – The Taste of Coffee

by Joseph Robertson | Issues

Issue 41

The Taste of Coffee

the tastes of coffee - coffee magazine
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What does coffee taste like, and why? What is possible in your cup of coffee? The difference between what you think coffee is, and finding ‘the best' coffee in the world is a matter of perception. Discover the tastes that are possible in coffee, and begin your adventure of curiosity. Once you know that you can find a coffee that tastes like watermelon jollyrancher, you will never look back… Featuring: – The Fallacy of Best – On Perception and Understanding – The Tastes in Coffee – Brewing Types and Their Affect on Taste Also in this Issue: – The coffee comics continue! – How To: Kalita Wave – A Cup of Joe – A Taste of Yemen – My Coffee Crush – The Day Coffee Sank Its Teeth Into Me – Fair Trade Coffee on Coffee Lovers Radio – This Month in Coffee – Special Letter from the Editor NEW: Know Your Coffee Type? Check out the Features made just for you!
the best in coffee

The Fallacy of Best

The idea of ‘the best coffee' is a challenging one to address.  What is The Best? What is The Best for you?

The Kalita Wave

Learn how to brew with the Kalita Wave!