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Issue 33 – Jason Prefontaine and Slayer Espresso

by Joseph Robertson | Issues

Slayer Espresso - Coffee Magazine - Jason Prefontaine

Issue 33

Jason Prefontaine and Slayer Espresso

Slayer makes some of the most awesome looking espresso machines on the planet – these machines also happen to make some of the most delicious coffee. Having had a number of the best coffees in my life off a Slayer, I was pleased to finally meet up with and interview Jason Prefontaine, owner and creator of the Slayer Espresso Machine. In this issue he shares with us his story, the story of Slayer, as well as loads of insight into espresso (you will learn more than you ever thought you would about this tiny little drink). Also in this issue: – Gesha Flower – A portrait of Ninety Plus Coffee Flower Tea – Video: The Bean Scene Preview by Wilma's Wish Productions – Corner of the Cafe – a Coffee Review – Coffees of the Month – The Funky Natural – Espresso: A Life Coach – life lessons through learning espresso – Why you should absolutely grind only just before you brew – NEW!!! Answering Reader's Questions – What do I do if my coffee is bitter? – NEW!!! Takeaways – Get the most out of this issue, and take action on having better coffee, and living life to the fullest