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Issue 32 – Tim Wendelboe

by Joseph Robertson | Issues

Issue 32 – Tim Wendelboe

Tim Wendelboe - Coffee Magazine - Coffee Lovers
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When I created Coffee Lovers Magazine, I reached out to a number of people in the coffee industry whom I greatly admired. Tim Wendelboe was one of the first people I talked with, and he contributed his story working with his Finca Tamana farm in Colombia to improve coffee at the production level.

That series published through the first 11 issues of Coffee Lovers Magazine – and after two years of production, I finally met Tim in person at SCAA this year in April.

We sat down to chat, so that we could share with you Tim’s story of growth and discovery in coffee.

Discover how Tim’s experience growing up shaped his views on coffee and life – how his professional career in coffee developed through competitive experience – and how seeking the best at every level has driven Tim Wendelboe to being at the forefront of transparency and sustainable development in coffee production

Also in this issue:

– Neel – A portrait of Ninety Plus Coffee

– Video: Cold Brew with POPSugar

– Corner of the Cafe – a Coffee Review

– Coffees of the Month – featuring Yemen Haraaz RED

– Discovering the Magic of Coffee – a shared personal experience diving into better coffee

– Breaking your Coffee Routine – how to get the most out of life and your coffee

– NEW!!! Answering Reader’s Questions – The Naming of Coffee

– NEW!!! Takeaways – Get the most out of this issue, and take action on having better coffee, and living life to the fullest

Coffee of the Month

This month featuring the delightful Yemen Haraaz RED – check out the experience in this issue

Discover the Magic of Coffee

This personal account of discovering the magic in coffee is shared by Renate Leknes of Red is an Attitude. Enjoy her thoughts and experiences discovering delicious coffee.