Issue 27 – Kevin Sinnott and CoffeeCon

Kevin Sinnott and CoffeeCon - Coffee Lovers Magazine Issue 27


Issue 27 – Feb 2015 – Kevin Sinnott and CoffeeCon

In this issue you will dive into the awesome world of the coffee convention:

– The story of Kevin Sinnott, creator of CoffeeCon and author
– A portrait of Tchembe, a Ninety Plus Feature
– A Beautiful walkthrough of Espresso featuring Intelligentsia (video)
– A look at an evolving Indian Coffee Culture
– The Best Way to Drink Coffee (Long Live the v60)
– An In Depth review of Mountain Air Roasting's Kenya Giakanja AA (featuring explanation of some of the confusing labeling that coffee gets)
– An Interview with the owners of Quest Coffee – a couple that is dedicated to personally sourcing, importing, and roasting one farmer's coffee
– A look at a new high end hand grinder – Handground! Now on Kickstarter (get it while you can)

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