Issue 26 – Saving Yemeni Coffee

Coffee Lovers Magazine - Yemeni Coffee IssueCoffee Lovers Magazine Issue 26 – Saving Yemeni Coffee

In this issue, we are proud to present an interview with a man who has dedicated his life to save Yemeni Coffee.

Yemen plays a pivotal role in the development of Coffee throughout the world, as it is the first place outside of Ethiopia to have coffee – and the port of Mocha is largely responsible for coffee's spread around the world.

So check out this fascinating interview on some history, past, present, and future, that you have never heard before.

Also in this issue:
-A portrait of Juliette
-Coffee Review
-What it Takes to Own a Cafe
-How to: Espresso Tamping!
-Coffee News
-New Years Coffee Resolutions and more…

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