Iced Coffee in Winter

This summer brought about a big surge in the Cold Brew craze – with many of the big name businesses picking up on it and driving the consumption of this delightful brewing alternative.

It's always fun to see some of these businesses show off this sort of coffee like they invented fire…

But I digress.

On the show this week, Neil, Jesse and I (Joseph) pontificate on the usefulness of cold coffees year round. I'm personally a big fan of using cold coffees for a variety of things other than simply the drink I have in the morning…

But you'll have to check out the show to find out what that all is!

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Question for the week!  (kind of a few questions)

Have you ever used coffee for anything other that drinking a cup of coffee (like cocktails or cooking)? If so, what did you make?  If not, would you, and what would you like to see (recipe wise)?

Just comment below