Is Your Coffee Too Bitter? Just Try This Out This Trick…

This summer, I've been in the process of answering questions from readers of the magazine (if you haven't subscribed, go get the free trial and check it out!). The subject of bitterness and coffee is one that pops up regularly.

I actually had a fascinating conversation with Sebastian Simsch, owner of Seattle Coffee Works, in a previous issue of the magazine. We got all philosophical about coffee, and discussed that one of the primary reasons people start out in coffee with deeply sugared, milky, and flavored drinks is that (aside from being indulgently delicious) those flavors are naturally appealing to us, and bitterness is unnatural.

Or rather, evolutionarily speaking our negative reaction to bitterness protects us from things like natural poisons.

ANYWAYS – we know coffee is wonderful, so we can work past the natural level of bitterness in there.

HOWEVER – there is such a thing as coffee which is too bitter (as I'm sure you know). In the show this week, Shaun ‘Coffeesmith' Lieb shared with us some really fascinating suggestions on how you can hack away the bitterness in your coffee.

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