Going to Guatemala and a little bit of Seattle CoffeeCon

In this episode, we explore some delicious coffees from the Seattle CoffeeCon 2017.

Have you given much thought to where your morning cup of joe comes from? Since you are reading this, the answer is probably. Or at least you are wondering about that sort of thing.

It’s likely you’ve had coffee in the past which displayed a label telling you it’s origin – whether you realized it or not. Pretty much every specialty single-origin coffee is named after it’s origin. Usually the farm, if the roaster is interested in passing along that story, of the people who made the coffee. At the very least your coffee will mention the country.

Nicaragua Finca La Bendicion – the country Nicaragua, from Finca La Bendicion (a farm).

Costa Rica Hacienda Sonora – the country Costa Rica, from Hacienda Sonora (the Sonora estate).


All the coffee we enjoy comes from the other side of the world. From people who’s lives revolve around simply growing and processing coffee (in many cases for generations).

On Coffee Lovers Radio we do what we can to show you that side of coffee – which is usually just telling you the stories of what we are drinking, where it comes from, and why it got to us. Occasionally we can take you just a little bit closer.

In this episode, we were able to snag our friend Neil Oney right before his trip to origin in Guatemala. Jesse has also been to Guatemala in the past, so the two talk experiences of going to origin.

This episode also comes right after our experience with Seattle CoffeeCon – which happened at the Seattle Center, Jan 27th and 28th of 2017.  We fully intend on doing an entire show just talking about the event, our experiences, etc – and this is not that show. But we do recount just a little bit of the fun at the beginning.  You can also see my walkthrough video of the show here…

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