Getting into Coffee as a Hobby

Why would you want coffee as a hobby?

It's fun, delicious, social, and you can spend as little as $5 or as much as your car, and you can just keep getting awesome things.

What can you get that costs you as much (or more) than your car

Here are 10 ways you can get into Coffee as a Hobby

1) When you get into coffee, you will discover that coffee is a fantastic reason to travel.

There's a world of adventures to be had out there. How does exploring cafes in the cities of Europe sound? Or the coffee culture of Southern Australia?

You could visit coffee farms in Ethiopia, or explore the Cloud Forest of Bolivia.

2) You can have fun at the many events in coffee popping up everywhere – from local to regional to national, there are people all over who want to share everything about coffee and it's a great way to dive in and meet others.

Coffee Con is one of those events (I'm partnering with Coffee Con to bring their show to Seattle and many other cities in the US in 2017).

3) Of course, every coffee nut wants to collect all the great coffee gear – what's your brewing station look like?

Here's one of my brewing setups (you don't need a huge amount to make great coffee!)

4) You can even host your own event or even a coffee themed party.

Ever think of doing a wine tasting? You can do that with coffee also!

5) You can write about it – as a blog, or even a personal journal.

If you really get into tasting and exploring coffee, this can be a great way for you to personally keep track of and discover new experiences.

6) Beyond these there are a plethora of activities and things you can get – there are many well-made books and different magazines popping up everywhere these days.

7) On a personal level, you can have a lot of fun patronizing local cafes and roasting businesses.

The people in coffee around you are some of the most delightful that you can get to know.

8) Go crazy on Instagram or Pinterest sharing the awesome coffees, spaces, and people you discover.

Dat Quaffle. @anchorheadcoffee

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9) Make fun challenges for yourself and your friends, to explore as many different coffees as possible from around the world…

(from the comfort of your own homeā€¦I'll tell you more about that later)

10) The ultimate level that you might shoot for is the ‘coffee sommelier' – this newer idea is being brought over from the wine world, to a coffee world that is discovering itself to be perhaps even more complex and fascinating than it's wine predecessor.