The Best Way to Get Into Brewing Coffee at Home

Step 1 – Becoming a Coffee Connoisseur Series

Part of getting into brewing great coffee at home is overcoming the unknown…

And getting into a new habit.

These are both honestly really difficult challenges from a personal human perspective.

Think about all the times you overcome unknowns,

And all the times you establish new habits.

They probably don’t happen a lot do they?

So in coffee, it’s important to take an approach that is very easy, and which also gives you an honestly delicious result.

The French Press is this.

With the French Press, you’ll learn things like…

– Proper brewing processes and techniques that apply to every brew method (manual and automated).
– What good coffee can really taste like.
– You’ll start gaining an understanding of the taste of immersion brewed coffee, which will help you get deeper into coffee later when you try different brew methods. (I’ll start getting into all that in future steps)

Even if you go on to other brewing methods, you’ll always treasure the French Press and bring it out for special times (it makes a fantastic brunch coffee, and is great for gatherings).

It’s also seriously as easy to brew with as any machine – you literally just add coffee, add water, and then come back in 4 minutes to one of the best cups of coffee you’ll ever brew.

Check out my full French Press Brewing Guide here

If you know someone who would enjoy that experience, share the video with them! (And maybe get them a French Press as a gift)

In the next section, I’ll get into the next step of your journey, which is the most important part of brewing great coffee at home.