George Howell - The New Age of Coffee - Coffee Lovers Magazine 49

George Howell – The New Age of Coffee – Issue 49

by Joseph Robertson | Issues

Issue 49

George Howell – The New Age of Coffee

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Coffee has found itself today in a state of extreme change, as specialty coffee moves to take over the world, and people everywhere shift their perspective of coffee as a mere everyday drug to a significant craft that deserves the utmost appreciation. George Howell has been ahead of this change – and indeed has been a major influence upon the world of coffee for 40 years. In this story of George Howell Coffee we learn not just about the man and his business, but of the originations of specialty coffee as we know it now, and where the world of coffee is headed… Featuring: – George Howell – The New Age of Coffee Also in this Issue: – Some Kind of Blue – Part 3: Coffee in Jamaica – Introducing the Fellow Stagg Dripper – Lemons and Honey – a Coffee Exploration – My Coffee Crush – Cat & Cloud Coffee – Recipe: Coffee Cookies – Comics: Life is Coffee – Coffee Lovers Radio: Why The Water You Brew With Matters – This Month in Coffee – Special Letter from the Editor
Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Exploration

Some Kind of Blue - A Jamaica Blue Mountain Story

Eric Bierker takes a trip to Jamaica's Blue Mountains in search of the perfect cup of coffee … Part 3!

My Coffee Crush

Francis shares with us his obsession of Cat and Cloud Coffee
How do I make better coffee at home