Fixing a Bad Brew – Troubleshooting Coffee Brewing

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Regardless of how experienced you are with making coffee, we all experience a bad brew from time to time. Understanding the process of troubleshooting your coffee brewing is critical.

That's really part of the magic of coffee – in the exploration and discovery of its delights, many of the cups that we brew are not perfect. The important thing to do when things turn out bad is to figure out what about your coffee is wrong, and then what could have caused that to happen.

Much of the ability in troubleshooting your coffee brewing comes down to taste and experience – when you start having a lot of great cups of coffee, you can tell much easier why a bad cup is bad. It's at the beginning when you are diving into the world of coffee at large where the unknowns compound upon each other.

Fortunately, just prior to recording this episode I had my own experience of a terrible brew. As I recount on the show, I was preparing a coffee for a demonstration, and then afterward I proceeded to try enjoying that coffee only to be met by quite an unpleasant experience.

I was able to narrow down the problem fairly swiftly, owing to my experience brewing coffee. We take you through the steps I used for myself, as well as alternate experiences you may encounter in your own brewing.

Let us know below if you have brew challenges you need help with! We are happy to troubleshoot with you…