Our Favorite Brewing Methods

What’s your favorite brewing method?

Jesse, Neil, and I (Joseph) each reveal our favorite brewing methods – as well as some other tidbits. We ended up covering the full gamut of possibility in high-end brewing, as we each have alternate brewing methods we also enjoy.  As usual, we indulge a bit in our goofiness (I think this show would be amazing on video – perhaps some day).

As we lean back into a regular schedule of making and publishing shows, I am finding myself at a little bit of a publishing quandary. You may have noticed that I haven’t put anything up on this site regarding the episodes in quite awhile.

The primary reason for that is because I have a single page set up for Coffee Lovers Radio at www.coffeeloversradio.com – on that page includes info about the latest episode as well as all the links to the show (currently on iTunes, Soundcloud, and Stitcher). I also have a signup for the radio email newsletter (that’s an odd combination of three different communication mediums in one phrase).

So here’s the thing. I want to promote the episodes on this site for a few reasons: the blog provides a better format for me to comment on the show as well as other things going on around it (see this very post for that reason), it’s also a better area for you to get a good picture of who is behind everything (you can see the magazine, the tv series, and blog posts – I’ll also be adding profile pages soon for me and everyone else involved in the magazine, the radio, and the tv shows).


At the moment, the best place for new people to go is coffeeloversradio.com

SO, this is where you come in.

Definitely, don’t hesitate to share this post, but if you know someone specifically – a friend, family, etc – please do share the coffeeloversradio.com website, as that will provide them the easiest way to get into the show and keep up to date.

In the not too distant future, I’ll be looking to incorporate the coffeeloversradio.com site features into this site so there’s only one place (and then that web address would still take you to the show).

Since I rambled a bit, here’s the latest episode again

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Let us know in the comments below – what is your favorite brewing method?