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Exploring Coffee by Train – Issue 56

by Joseph Robertson | Issues

Pour Over Showcase - Coffee Lovers Magazine Issue 47

Issue 56

Exploring Coffee by Train

Traveling and coffee have long been two of my favorite combinations. There's something extra special about enjoying a cup of coffee outside your daily norms and in new places. Coffee turns out to be an interesting life allegory when you look at it this way. Enjoying the journey is as much (if not more so) important as the destination (or the cup) itself. Featuring: – Exploring Coffee by Train Also in this Issue: – Lucy, I'm Home Part 2 – Video: How Does The Water Pump in your Auto Drip actually work? – Reader's Questions: How can I make my coffee naturally sweeter? – Video: How to Clean Your Grinder, and Why that's Important – Coffee Lovers Radio: The Bloom – Experiments – This Month in Coffee – Special Letter from the Editor – New Features! It's a surprise, check it out 🙂