The Experience in Coffee We All Try To Avoid

Has this ever happened to you? 

You're walking into the grocery store, and it's time to get some coffee…

You go through the aisle, and there are dozens of different options to choose from – different prices, packaging, brands, etc.

This time, you tell yourself, ‘hmm, maybe I should try something different'

But after lots of thinking, you settle down to your trusted coffee which you always buy, because you know its a sure thing.

Sure you want to think of yourself as adventurous, and someone who wants to explore different coffee flavors…

But not this time, 

Because you don't want to waste your money today. 

With a bad choice.

Especially when you are going to have to go through all the effort to take out and brew the coffee, to discover you won't like it.

It's almost easier to just go to a cafe, buy some random coffee and drink it…

Than it is to go through all the effort of getting and making something you maybe won't like.

Isn't that just the worst?

Think about it like cooking a new dish.

You see this awesome looking recipe on Pinterest.

coffee magazine exploration

It looks cool, sounds amazingly delicious, it's going to wow your friends/family, etc.

So you go to the store and meticulously shop for the ingredients (sometimes it can be hard to find exactly the same stuff on the list).

You get home with your mass of ingredients, you set aside a couple hours, pull up your recipe and get to work.

Eventually, you get to have your first taste and…



It's not at all like what you were hoping.

Did you make a mistake?

Was the recipe bad?

Do you just not have the taste for this sort of thing?

Whatever the answers to these questions, chances are you won't be trying that again.

Well, that would always happen to me…

When I first got into coffee.

Before I started going into coffee shows, reading about coffee in magazines and books, and finally writing my own coffee magazine…

The first thing I wished is that I had an easy way to just know what good coffee was, and what I actually enjoyed in coffee – to taste a bunch of coffee and know what I liked the most.

That's why I created the thing I always wanted…

For you

It's called The Coffee Explorer Kit.

It's not for everyone.

Not for 80% of you reading this.

But for the 20% that this is for, you are going to LOVE what I have.

If you are interested just click here.

Get your Explorer Kit before time runs out