Equality through Yemeni Coffee - Issue 48 Coffee Lovers Magazine

Equality Through Yemeni Coffee – Issue 48

by Joseph Robertson | Issues

Issue 48

Equality Through Yemeni Coffee

Yemen Coffee - Economic and Social Equality - Coffee Lovers Magazine Issue 48
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Coffee is a globally enjoyed drink – and comes with the dynamic that most of it is consumed in first world countries and most of it is produced in third world countries. Because of this connection it also brings the potential for global economic quality. That's what Hussein Ahmed is trying to bring to the people of Yemen – by focusing on showcasing the individual farmers of Yemen, their amazing coffee, and connecting them with world markets to give them social and economic opportunities they deserve. Dive into the resurrection of The Wine of the Bean, with Yemen's legendary Mocha Coffee in this issue… Featuring: – Yemeni Coffee: A Fighting Ground for Global Equality Also in this Issue: – Some Kind of Blue – Part 2: Coffee in Jamaica – Clean Your Chemex in 5 Minutes with this trick – An Award Winning Coffee – Klatch – My Coffee Crush – Tim Wendelboe – Easy Cold Brew Coffee – Step by Step – Comics: Life is Coffee – Coffee Lovers Radio: Global Coffee Expo – This Month in Coffee – Special Letter from the Editor
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