Our Costa Rica Coffee Tastes Like Grape Juice

Our Costa Rica Coffee Tastes Like Grape Juice

Last week on the show we shared our thoughts on Peet's Coffee and Tea buying Stumptown – how that may or may not affect you, and some thoughts on the industry in general.

This week, we are proud to bring a showcase of a very fantastically delicious natural processed Costa Rica coffee, from Hacienda Sonora – roasted by Jesse at Conduit Coffee.

We have been waiting some time to experience this fabulous coffee. It's exciting to have it available, and enjoy it every morning.

I actually wrote about this Costa Rica in the Coffee of the Month article for the current issue of the magazine…

Like a crashing wave on the first sip I am thrown back 25 years – I’m a child again and I’m drinking grape juice. Simple, grape, sweet, tangy, oh so delicious. I just want to drink the whole bowl and then have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Then go play in a sandbox.