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The Coffee Scholar

Coffee Scholar

About The Coffee Scholar …

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You have an adventurous mind and spirit, and you always seek new knowledge. The depth and potential of coffee has you enthralled, and you seek out all you can about this wonderful drink and the people around it. You may have explored books or magazines related to coffee, as well as cafes and roasters.

You may also have a bit of The Coffee Adventurer and The Coffee Artisan in you – whether you love to explore coffee or delve into the intricate craft of it, your defining personal drive is based in your deep passion and active interest in learning more about this special drink.

With your passion and curiosity in the discovery of delicious coffee, it is almost a certainty that you have giving consideration to the taste of coffee itself and what you enjoy.

As a Coffee Scholar…

You'll likely enjoy learning things about coffee like why you should brew by weight instead of volume, and other tips that I put together over on Coffee Lovers TV and in the magazine.

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Coffee: Master Brewing Like a Barista

Even if you think you’re completely satisfied with your coffee…there’s always more you haven’t experienced.

And a new appreciation of coffee can completely change the way you appreciate life

When you appreciate coffee at all it’s levels, you can share more enjoyable experiences with everyone.

What’s important right now is acquiring all the tools to gain that appreciation.
Your adventure begins with surprising simplicity.

This is what the Become a Coffee Connoisseur Workshop series is all about.
Getting the tools for building appreciation of well-crafted coffee.

The Basics of Mastering Your Brew: Become a Coffee Connoisseur Workshop #1, Includes:

– My number 1 brewing method to begin your path towards coffee connoisseurship.

Appreciation of coffee starts with knowing how to brew well-crafted coffee, start with my step by step guide, and always have a way to brew high-quality coffee at home.

– The fundamentals of well-crafted coffee explained

It’s not just enough to have a great brewing method, appreciation of coffee is in its craft. I give you the basic brewing fundamentals so you can always brew a great cup, no matter what you are using (even if it’s a pot in the woods).

– The unknown parts of coffee which make or break your everyday brew

There are parts of the coffee preparation experience which can make the difference between a rich colorful tasting brew and something that’s bitter, sour, or indecipherable.

Discover the hidden keys in the coffee you pick, the way you store that coffee, and even the water you use, to get the most out of your newfound appreciation.