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Coffee Origins: Where it all Began – Issue 57

by Joseph Robertson | Issues

Coffee Origins: Where It all Began - Coffee Lovers Magazine Issue 57

Issue 57

Coffee Origins: Where It All Began

You can walk down the street and grab a cup of brewed coffee on any given day. With something so ubiquitous, you might be surprised to learn how it actually came to be. Legends always talk of Ethiopia as being the origin of coffee – but they weren't responsible for making coffee what it is today… Featuring: – Origins of Coffee: Where it All Began Also in this Issue: – Lucy, I'm Home Part 3 – Video: Empowering the People – Reader's Questions: Can I learn to make better coffee with my cheap brewer? – Video: Sey Coffee Roasters – Coffee Lovers Radio: Does this make your French Press Better? – This Month in Coffee – Special Letter from the Editor – New Features! It's a surprise, check it out 🙂