Coffee Connoisseur of the Month

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Be the Coffee Connoisseur of the Month?

Our new in-magazine subscriber exclusive feature

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Each issue, we feature a Coffee Connoisseur of the month. This is our way of thanking you for being part of this community.

The Coffee Connoisseur of the Month is picked each month by Joseph – submissions are done via social media.

All you need to do to enter is:

Make a post featuring yourself or a coffee you've brewed – on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook

Share in that post why you're passionate about coffee, or what about that coffee, in particular, excites you

You can tell us how you prepared the coffee and what it tastes like 🙂

Then include tags in that post – @extractedmagazine (@extractedmag on Twitter), #extractedmagazine, and #coffeeconnoisseur

I'll pick one winner for each issue – if you are chosen, you will get…

-You picture (of yourself/your coffee/brewer/etc) featured in the magazine (along with social media handle if you’d like)

-A little bio – what do you do, what are your interests? What are you making right now? What’s your favorite coffee?

-Your favorite non-profit foundation or group you’d like to share (optional)

Let's have fun!

Here's my post as an example:

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