Brewing California Roasters – Coffee Lovers Radio Episode 69 – On the Syphon and Live

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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n this episode, we did a bit of a tasting with coffee from the LA CoffeeCon Trip, exploring several California Coffee Roasters.  On the show are three coffees from Temple Roasters, Klatch, and Bar Nine. We also had a coffee from Rocchio, which we tasted earlier on but it didn’t make it on the show due to lack of enough brewers available (who’da thunk it).

You can find those California Coffee Roasters here:

Temple Coffee Roasters

Bar Nine

Klatch Coffee

Rocchio Family Roasters

It’s always fun to see what people are doing with coffee and their roasting.

We also ended up doing a brew on the Syphon (we brewed Temple’s Geisha on this).

And here is where the live video streaming a radio show recording comes to challenges.

Aside from the fact we were winging it, and just figuring out how to record and the angles and stuff during the process…

Video presents an entirely new set of challenges all its own. When we are recording the audio podcast, all we need to worry about is the words we say. So it’s not that difficult to outline a show, plan some general talking ideas, and then sit down and record a conversation (which is what many of our shows are).

Video requires a heck of a lot more planning and coordination to get it right.  Oddly, the script/talking/ideas can all be done about the same… as long as we are good on our feet in a conversation, and can keep interesting/entertaining ideas flowing. But if there is a camera, we really need to plan out all the lighting and the angles.

With that said, this is live streaming, so maybe it’s not a problem to live stream a radio recording – but if we do more in the future, it’s likely we will need to make sure the podcast recording doesn’t get interrupted by the video.

In essence (maybe like this post?) this episode of Coffee Lovers Radio is a little rambly and uncoordinated.

We do share a bit of new Coffee Lovers shwag though – you’ll hear us talk about the new beanies and other merch you can get.  I’ve been loving the heck out of my Coffee Lovers Beanie so I’m kinda wearing it all the time.

Go grab one!

Coffee Lovers Beanie Hat and Mug

And here is the recording of the live stream for this show: