Tim Wendelboe – Becoming the Farmer

Tim Wendelboe and his new coffee farm

A couple months ago we had Tim Wendelboe on the cover of the magazine – check out more on that issue here.  I was supremely excited to finally meet Tim earlier this year. When I started Coffee Lovers Magazine, he was one of the first people who jumped in to contribute their story to our readers – he was quite supportive of the project as a whole.

His work directly with farms is one of the things that influenced my interests and motivations with the magazine. These are stories that need to be heard, and people who need to be understood and known. Without the generations of dedication to coffee, we wouldn't be able to enjoy what we do today.

Now Tim is starting is own coffee farm in Colombia. He's taking the direct work with coffee a step further – in order to gain the fullest possible understanding of the entire process of coffee, he is stepping into the role that few other roasters have. I imagine his experience working with farms, as well as his knowledge and influential reach, will lead to fascinating new understandings – or at least evolved ones – around creating a sustainable future for coffee.

Check out the article at Eater here, all about Tim Wendelboe and his newest endeavor.

Oh yea, also get Tim's book on Finca Tamana

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This Product Will Change Your Coffee Brewing Life

I've been a huge fan of Stephen Colbert for many years – i've been quite excited for his debut on the Late Show, and have enjoyed the first week.  This is coffee related I promise.

On his first Friday show he shared a product he believes can change your whole life. A product that will always keep you one pot of coffee ahead in life. A product that will never let you down, because it is exactly what it sounds like.

Check it out, and be sure to check out the show as well.