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Diving Into Home Roasting – Cup of Joe

On this Cup of Joe, I dive into the subject of home roasting. By and large, this experience of roasting my own coffee has been quite an interesting and enlightening one – I did not go into this being deeply interested in diving into the entire world of home roasting.

Don’t Let Marketing Do This To You – Cup of Joe

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xHdekP9mE8Video can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Don’t Let Marketing Do This To You – Cup of Joe – January 7th 2019 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xHdekP9mE8) Usually on the Cup of Joe series, I talk about some idea directly related to coffee. Whether it’s some conceptual idea I’ve been thinking about – …

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New Beginnings – Cup of Joe – 1-1-19

For whatever reason, I stopped publishing Cup of Joe on the magazine website. I stopped doing quite a bit with the magazine website – choosing to focus on growth with the business through completely different avenues (not concerned with SEO or content that goes on the site blog).

As I've had time to reflect, I've discovered a good use for this platform. A place for me to be in touch with you, who is hopefully a magazine reader. A place for me to provide introductions into the magazine, the youtube, the podcast, etc. A place where I can share and catalogue.

I mention on this episode that one of my new years resolutions is to publish one of these videos every week. Whether it's well made, or I have to throw it together on my phone a the last minute…I will be here.

Fortunately I have a solid list of ideas, theories, challenges, etc, which I want to talk about – so getting the ball rolling shouldn't be too hard.

For now, enjoy this new episode of Cup of Joe – more to come.

A Bunch of New Stuff – Cup of Joe 3-6-17

My Cup of Joe episodes lately have been a bit erratic.

For those of you new to these videos, they are my sort of ‘behind the scenes' of what's going on with Coffee Lovers Magazine and other coffee related stuff. Sometimes I talk about just stuff in coffee that's on my mind, other times – like this one – I'm catching y'all up on what's going on with the business.

I was trying to think of a way to show you a bit of how it all goes down. I know many people think the magazine is run by a big ole team, but for the most part it's just me, along with my friend and colleague Michael Mage who handles the designs of the issues.

The end of 2016 and the beginning of this year was all about CoffeeCon. We had the show in Seattle – check out that video – and then another one down in LA.

For these shows we made a bunch of new merchandise, and also took a step forward in expanding the Coffee Lovers brand. For some time now I've wanted this to be more than just a magazine. One of the main goals is helping people like yourself explore the world of coffee, and so it became obvious

One of the main goals is helping people like yourself explore the world of coffee, and so it became obvious that providing coffee had to be part of the equation.

You can now order coffee through the Coffee Lovers online store here. To start off with I am working with Jesse Nelson at Conduit Coffee. Having traveled many places and tried coffee from all over the world, I see him as one of the top roasters anywhere. He has fantastic artistic vision for roasting coffee, and it's a privilege to offer that coffee to you as well. In the future, through The Coffee Explorer (take The Coffee Quiz and learn more about that soon) I'll be able to provide very customized single origin and blend roast offerings based on your specific taste in coffee.

Coffee Lovers - Colombia Finca La Fragua - Roasted Coffee

For the CoffeeCon shows, I also have had some new merchandise made. In the video there you can see our new Mug and Beanie. We also have shirts available through the store.

Check out our new merchandise here.

There's a lot more to come – this is just the beginning and a little preview for you.







Happy New Year - Cup of Joe - Coffee Lovers Magazine

Happy New Year! – Cup of Joe 1-2-17

Happy new year! It's been awhile since I sat down and did one of these. I was on a roll until mid November, when I got derailed by a number of events followed by the holidays, etc.  It's time to get back on track with making the weekly behind the scenes shows (along with story and commentary here and there).

In this episode (which also appears as the new years episode of Coffee Lovers Radio) I talk about some of the things we've observed in the coffee industry in 2016 – trends and soforth. I also get into my thoughts on this new year. What can we expect in 2017?

The coffee industry is going through some interesting times right now. Some liken it to the shift that beer went through as people discovered and came to prefer craft microbrewed beer over mass produced beer. The enjoyment of quality and taste certainly aligns with similar things happening in coffee. You could also suggest that coffee is going through some of what wine went through, as it progressed from a high-end connoisseur only accessible item, to a level of product enjoyed by anyone who has the desire to dive in – these days even if you know nothing about wine, it is not difficult to enjoy a very well made wine.

My view is that we are going through both. The general public of coffee consumption is experiencing a similar effect that the beer industry did moving into microbrews, as people discover that coffee can taste truly amazing and unique, and that everything they've had before is poorly roasted, or poorly grown, or poorly handled, all in the name of mass production and efficiency. This is especially the case in the US where the spread of population has made broad adoption of specialty coffee more challenging. Countries like Australia are steeped in a ‘higher level' of speciality coffee consumption on a broad scale simply because their populations are all centered around dense urban areas where this kind of thing flourishes.  The same can be said for many of the dense population areas of Europe.  Even Asia is in the middle of a speciality coffee boom.

What does this mean for you the coffee drinker? Well, I give some of my thoughts in this week's show.  I'll also be going more in depth on this idea in an upcoming issue.  Stay tuned…

The Visual Storytelling of Coffee

One of my challenges with this project is visual storytelling of coffee. We live in a fascinating time in life, where everything we have and do is at our fingertips, it's on our time. When you spend just a few minutes watching what I do, that is something I greatly respect, because its a few minutes you aren't doing any number of other things.

I strive to make what I do bring enough value in the form of entertainment and knowledge that it is worthy of your time and energy to not only watch and enjoy, but also engage and comment, etc.

And so the challenge to me is to take something as conceivably simple as coffee, which I know to be far more complex and fascinating than most realize, and show you the amazing nature of that coffee through short but engaging and entertaining visual storytelling of coffee.

Its going to take me some time to figure out the visual style that fits me best. I like producing well made polished works – but I also like a bit of roughness in things like video. After all I'm not just showing you something cool, but I'm trying to bring you a bit into my world, and into the world of coffee. That world is real, it's gritty, its full of people driven by passion and hooked for life.  I feel like these videos should be engaging with quick energy and interesting visual components that tell more than I can with words, so that you can just ride through the experience, picking up on ideas and concepts, learning points here and there, and coming to this understanding of ‘yea, I want to experience that.'

I think that's the experience that most people in coffee live for – the one where you say ‘wow that's cool, I didn't realize it could be like that, I want more.'

Let me know what you think in the comments! Or just say hey 😀



Cup of Joe 9-26-16 – In Which a Cold is Mean to Me

On the show this week – catching up on the previous week's leftover activities in the wake of a cold.

I mostly just share, in this episode, quite a bit of what's going on – some of the new content that I have put out, and what will be coming. I also go a little bit into thought on what I want to do with the new ‘coffee showcase' series (though I'm still not quite sure what to call it).

I reckon that sometimes i'll take the opportunity to ponder on various topics in these episodes, and sometimes I won't. Given that my mind was still a bit fuzzy from the cold this weekend, I don't think I had much to delve into idea wise.

I mention on this show some of my social media – so here is everywhere you can find me:

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/coffeeloversmag

Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/coffeeloversmag

Google+ – http://google.com/+coffeeloversmag

Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/coffeeloversmag

Snapchat – http://www.snapchat.com/add/coffeeloversmag

You might detect a theme there.

You can also find me on Musical.ly at coffeeloversmag – starting to experiment with some fun stuff there.

I'm doing daily stories on Instagram and Snapchat – just havin fun. I've started a new ‘Daily Coffee Tips' that I'll put up every day on Snapchat and Instagram (doubling up on some of that stuff for now – though I suspect Instagram will eventually get more to coffee specific stories, and snapchat will end up being me personally).

Lots more content coming this week, as well as the new issue (Apple is finally getting around to the app update for the iOS 10 fix).

Cup of Joe 9-19-16 – On My Value and Intent

I've been taking the opportunity with Cup of Joe to do some ponderings out in the open. A good portion of my time is definitely creating content – writing, recording audio for the podcast, video for the show, meeting people in coffee and creating interviews/stories, etc – but in order to build the structure for the content as a whole, and the individual pieces, I think quite a bit about meaning.

Much of that involves talking with people like yourself. There's nothing quite like just talking with people about coffee and life (especially over a cup of coffee). It is fascinating to see and gain an understanding of how broad everyone's interest in coffee is, but how uniquely specific each individual's interest is as well. We all love coffee, but we certainly do so in different ways. My personal goal with coffee has always centered around opening up that eureka moment for you – the moment when you realize just what coffee can be, which forever alters your perception and pulls you into wonderland.

In a much more real way though, my goals center around building connection and value in your life. Just take this simple picture…

You start your day with a brand of coffee that you don't know much about, other than it's what you and many others drink. You put it through your auto brewer, and then add milk and sugar to bring it up to the taste that you find enjoyable.

You love that part of your day – and no individual aspect of this is bad.

But now picture this.

You start your day with a very specific roaster's coffee, from a specific or multiple farms – wherever it's from, you actually have an idea. You might even be able to put a face to the farmer that grew the coffee you are enjoying. You may know the person who is responsible for bringing it to your area of the world, and you may know the person who roasted it. You brew up the coffee and enjoy it however you like – but in this cup, in this start of your day – you are beginning with a foundation of connection to the rest of the world and your community far deeper and more meaningful than you could any other way.

Not only do you love that part of your day, and your coffee, but you have a much stronger and more meaningful emotional connection with the entire experience. You couldn't possibly build the foundation of your day on a more positive social and emotional setting.

Which of those two sounds like the way you want to live life?

Just some of the things I'm thinking about… anyway's here's this week's Cup of Joe.

I would love it if you could go on over to Youtube, like the video, and subscribe 🙂


Cup of Joe Weekly

In this weekly Cup of Joe, I dip just a little bit into my world of writing about coffee.

You may not realize that Coffee Lovers Magazine is run by a very small team – it's mostly myself, along with my good friend and colleague Michael Mage who does the design for the issues. We also have Mark who champions the social media sharing, and Francis Howard who writes ‘My Coffee Crush' for each issue.

There is much writing to be done in a business – not just articles for the magazine and the website, but also content planning (for the issues, Coffee Lovers Radio, and Coffee Lovers TV), as well as quite a bit for email. I do share quite a bit via email – if you are curious, I recommend taking the Coffee Type Quiz to discover your Coffee Personality and then sign up to the email newsletter through there for more.

Subscribe to Coffee Lovers TV over on Youtube for more Cup of Joe and other videos coming out this week.