Coffee Lovers TV Episode 002 – Conduit Kenya Coffee

On the first episode of my Coffee Lovers TV showcase (featuring a Kenyan coffee by Campos), I said it would be pretty neat to do a side by side of one coffee roasted by two different roasters.

Then, after recording the show on the Kenya from the Nyeri region, I started running into other Nyeri Kenyas – this isn't that surprising, though, for a couple reasons. First, Nyeri is the largest producing region in Kenya, and second coffee is a seasonal crop. When the coffee is ready for exporting – especially when it's quality – that particular coffee will be purchased by many different roasters, and since the good coffee is usually roasted right after they get it, many of these roasters have similar coffees going at the same time.

Anyhow – I ran across this Kenya roasted by Conduit Coffee. It's also from the Nyeri region but comes from the Thiriku cooperative (a group of ~1900 active farmers). This particular coffee exhibited more classic Kenya aromas (savory, in particular, that of tomatoes) – though my taste experience was a bit different.

I won't be making an effort to stick in one region moving forward, I just thought it would be fun to follow the first show with something similar so that I could demonstrate how wildly different similar coffees can be.

The next show I'll be showing off a Colombia by Anchorhead – which is leading us into another dynamic I'll need to figure out. It's likely that I'll run into a lot of lightly roasted coffees – especially towards the beginning of the show. These lighter roasted coffees are going to more clearly demonstrate a lot of distinct flavors of the origins of the coffee, and that's quite a bit of fun to show off to y'all.

However I would also like to make sure I bring in a range of roasts, medium to dark, so that i can give you a full picture of the world of coffee. This will be especially exciting as I find good quality dark and medium roasts, as I think these coffees are often the most impressive.

I love hearing from you so please comment below (or on Youtube) and we can really make this show something you love and look forward to!


Cup of Joe 9-26-16 – In Which a Cold is Mean to Me

On the show this week – catching up on the previous week's leftover activities in the wake of a cold.

I mostly just share, in this episode, quite a bit of what's going on – some of the new content that I have put out, and what will be coming. I also go a little bit into thought on what I want to do with the new ‘coffee showcase' series (though I'm still not quite sure what to call it).

I reckon that sometimes i'll take the opportunity to ponder on various topics in these episodes, and sometimes I won't. Given that my mind was still a bit fuzzy from the cold this weekend, I don't think I had much to delve into idea wise.

I mention on this show some of my social media – so here is everywhere you can find me:

Facebook –

Twitter –

Google+ –

Instagram –

Snapchat –

You might detect a theme there.

You can also find me on at coffeeloversmag – starting to experiment with some fun stuff there.

I'm doing daily stories on Instagram and Snapchat – just havin fun. I've started a new ‘Daily Coffee Tips' that I'll put up every day on Snapchat and Instagram (doubling up on some of that stuff for now – though I suspect Instagram will eventually get more to coffee specific stories, and snapchat will end up being me personally).

Lots more content coming this week, as well as the new issue (Apple is finally getting around to the app update for the iOS 10 fix).

Coffee Lovers TV – Episode 001 – Campos Coffee Kenya

I've had this idea called ‘Coffee Lovers TV' for quite some time. A show where I could continue my mission that I started with the magazine, to connect you with amazing people and coffee, show you some delightful wonders of the world, and perhaps even open the door to your own moment of eureka.

It took me some time to figure out what form that would take.

Not too long ago, I decided to just start making a show anyways. That has been a Cup of Joe – originally started as an in-mag segment where I made personal videos showing you tips/tricks with coffee, it then morphed into the weekly show I put together where I share a bit of myself and what I'm doing. In many ways it's a ‘behind the scenes' show for the magazine and much of my life.

I mentioned on the first Cup of Joe that I would probably at some point do coffee reviews or something like that – because after all, the one thing we are all absolutely interested in is the coffee itself. However, I did not want to simply do a coffee review show. I always have found coffee reviews to be too disconnected from the real coffee drinker's experience. Coffee is more than the drink itself, yet it's in that experience with the drink that we discover great things.

I came to the realization – one that I've come to in the past with other concepts – that it's within that experience where we find the magic. Coffee is all about story – both big and small. Coffee Lovers TV is my way to connect with you, and connect you with parts of the world and realities which you may never otherwise realize, all while sharing fun and interesting facts about coffee, and giving you an insight into how this wonderful drink can be perceived.

In essence, I want to take what many see as this ‘coffee snobbery' and show you just how awesome these experience and the people behind them are – regardless of your level of experience.

I would love to hear what you think about this format, if you have any questions, and what you would like to learn – just comment below…

Cup of Joe 9-19-16 – On My Value and Intent

I've been taking the opportunity with Cup of Joe to do some ponderings out in the open. A good portion of my time is definitely creating content – writing, recording audio for the podcast, video for the show, meeting people in coffee and creating interviews/stories, etc – but in order to build the structure for the content as a whole, and the individual pieces, I think quite a bit about meaning.

Much of that involves talking with people like yourself. There's nothing quite like just talking with people about coffee and life (especially over a cup of coffee). It is fascinating to see and gain an understanding of how broad everyone's interest in coffee is, but how uniquely specific each individual's interest is as well. We all love coffee, but we certainly do so in different ways. My personal goal with coffee has always centered around opening up that eureka moment for you – the moment when you realize just what coffee can be, which forever alters your perception and pulls you into wonderland.

In a much more real way though, my goals center around building connection and value in your life. Just take this simple picture…

You start your day with a brand of coffee that you don't know much about, other than it's what you and many others drink. You put it through your auto brewer, and then add milk and sugar to bring it up to the taste that you find enjoyable.

You love that part of your day – and no individual aspect of this is bad.

But now picture this.

You start your day with a very specific roaster's coffee, from a specific or multiple farms – wherever it's from, you actually have an idea. You might even be able to put a face to the farmer that grew the coffee you are enjoying. You may know the person who is responsible for bringing it to your area of the world, and you may know the person who roasted it. You brew up the coffee and enjoy it however you like – but in this cup, in this start of your day – you are beginning with a foundation of connection to the rest of the world and your community far deeper and more meaningful than you could any other way.

Not only do you love that part of your day, and your coffee, but you have a much stronger and more meaningful emotional connection with the entire experience. You couldn't possibly build the foundation of your day on a more positive social and emotional setting.

Which of those two sounds like the way you want to live life?

Just some of the things I'm thinking about… anyway's here's this week's Cup of Joe.

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French Press - coffee magazine

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Cup of Joe Weekly

In this weekly Cup of Joe, I dip just a little bit into my world of writing about coffee.

You may not realize that Coffee Lovers Magazine is run by a very small team – it's mostly myself, along with my good friend and colleague Michael Mage who does the design for the issues. We also have Mark who champions the social media sharing, and Francis Howard who writes ‘My Coffee Crush' for each issue.

There is much writing to be done in a business – not just articles for the magazine and the website, but also content planning (for the issues, Coffee Lovers Radio, and Coffee Lovers TV), as well as quite a bit for email. I do share quite a bit via email – if you are curious, I recommend taking the Coffee Type Quiz to discover your Coffee Personality and then sign up to the email newsletter through there for more.

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Coffee Lovers TV – Cup of Joe Introduction

Welcome to the first official Cup of Joe series episode.  Cup of Joe is a series part of Coffee Lovers TV where I talk with you about coffee, the magazine, and probably a bit of life. You can look at it like a personal blog (vlog?) where you get to see a bit into what I think about coffee, what I'm doing, and all that sort of thing.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Please subscribe and like the video over on Youtube.  I'll be producing much more – I've a planned list of at least 50 episodes across different show segments already, including a lot of how-tos and tips, along with tours, showcases, and a few rants.