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My name is Joseph Robertson,

I own and publish Extracted Magazine, which is all about the craft of coffee. I am on a mission to see 1 million people enjoy the craft of coffee as much as I do, so we can transform the world and the people who make coffee possible.

I created this quiz to help you jumpstart your journey with the craft of coffee.

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Which of These 5 Coffee Brewing Mistakes are YOU Making?

Based on the information you’ve shared and the little I know about you and your situation, the #1 Mistake you are making when it comes to brewing coffee at home, 

Is to not use what is known as ‘brewing ratios’ when you brew.

“No Brewing Ratios”

Here’s what that means …

Coffee is a lot like Alchemy. 

There’s an art to it, and there’s some definite science. 

One of those parts of brewing coffee which is about science – the proven fact – is when it comes to how much coffee and water we use while brewing

It turns out, when you’re brewing coffee, there’s a certain amount of what are called soluble compounds which make up the end brew in your cup. 

The Specialty Coffee Association has measured the technically correct range of how much of the coffee you want to brew …

In order to best taste the flavors of that coffee and enjoy your cup.

And the single easiest and best way to ensure you brew a great cup is to use what we call ‘brewing ratios,’ 

Which is simply measuring out how much coffee and water you use while you brew. 

This is what a standard brewing ratio looks like:

Measure both your coffee and your water in grams, 

and then for every 17 grams of water you use to brew, use 1 gram of coffee.

(For water 1 ml = 1 gram) 

That sounds pretty easy doesn’t it?

Just measure your coffee and water in grams!

Well, this is just ONE of the core fundamentals of brewing great coffee at home.

Using “brewing ratios” by measuring your coffee and water used in the brew is one of the major parts of getting into the exploration of great tasting coffee, 

And you must take this step,

But there’s so much more.

Even when you master all the core fundamentals of brewing great coffee at home, 

There’s an entire world of coffee exploration and experience to discover and enjoy.

Let me explain what I mean by that …

I used to think coffee itself wasn’t all that delicious. 

I preferred to add milk and sugar, otherwise it just tasted like bitter black water.

When I decided to get into brewed coffee, I struggled to figure out how to get a ‘good brew’ out of the auto drip machine at the office.

When I got into brewing my own coffee at home, and starting my exploration of coffee taste, 

One of my most important lessons was how to use the right amount of coffee and water. 

This opens up SO many doors,

And honestly you can’t continue into great tasting coffee without taking this step.

Great coffee can taste like sweet lemons, rhubarb pie, fresh picked wild blueberries, fig newtons, brandy.  

Coffee can really taste exactly like these things! I’ve experienced them all!

But this takes more than just using the right amount of coffee.

Everything else I’ve learned about coffee?

I did NOT just naturally figure that out.

I got lucky to discover someone who showed me coffee’s most delicious secrets. (I share this part of my story by email – tap here to subscribe if you’d like to learn more)

When I finally learned what coffee can actually taste like I practically shouted “WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME THIS BEFORE?”

I spent YEARS thinking coffee on it’s own didn’t taste good,

Only to find out that it’s one of the most delicious, inspiring things you can enjoy in life.

Because it took me so long to figure out the mysteries of coffee, 

Because I spent so much of my life NOT enjoying one of our most precious riches, 

I’ve decided to do for you what that one chance encounter did for me.

And give you the opportunity to take this path, to learn everything there is to learn about not just brewing great coffee,

But also …

– finding it
– exploring it
– appreciating it
– and sharing it with everyone else as well.

Over the past 8 years I’ve been publishing Extracted Magazine, a digital publication all about the craft of coffee

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Whether you want to just make the best darn cup of coffee of anyone you know every day …

Or you want to go deep into the world of coffee connoisseurship, 

I want to offer you my course – Coffee: Master The Basics of Your Brew,

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Even if you think you’re completely satisfied with your coffee…there’s always more you haven’t experienced.

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When you appreciate coffee at all it’s levels, you can share more enjoyable experiences with everyone.

What’s important right now is acquiring all the tools to gain that appreciation.
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This is what the Become a Coffee Connoisseur Workshop series is all about.
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Master The Basics of Your Brew includes:

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– The fundamentals of well-crafted coffee explained

It’s not just enough to have a great brewing method, appreciation of coffee is in its craft. I give you the basic brewing fundamentals so you can always brew a great cup, no matter what you are using (even if it’s a pot in the woods).

– The unknown parts of coffee which make or break your everyday brew

There are parts of the coffee preparation experience which can make the difference between a rich colorful tasting brew and something that’s bitter, sour, or indecipherable.

Discover the hidden keys in the coffee you pick, the way you store that coffee, and even the water you use, to get the most out of your newfound appreciation.